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TrumpCoin's Purpose. The definition of a Patriot is loosely used in today's world. The TrumpCoin Patriot loves his country to the extent that he will positively work to change it or point out what his country's government is doing wrong. They will not be hateful or malicious, will not attempt to cause harm or injury to others who do not believe what they do. They have sacrificed their time, energies, careers and families for the good of all peoples.

The TrumpCoin Patriots are united in exposing the wrongdoings of their country and communities. Watch our great video to understand what we are talking about!They want the truth told and written, they dislike corruption and evil politicians. They want criminals brought to justice and abhor corrupt governments and tyrannical dictators. Patriots like the ones below will be recognized and aided through donations and by the usage of TrumpCoin. Join us!

TrumpCoin Network

Worldwide TrumpCoin Network. Our network is powered by a series of worldwide masternodes which we call PatriotNodes. These Patriot Nodes are the computational power behind all of TrumpCoin's capabilities. PatriotNodes protect and monitor the network via our Proof-of-Stake (POS) system. Believers in TrumpCoin from all over the globe are setting up their own PatriotNode or multiple nodes with their holdings of TrumpCoin.

Owners can store their TrumpCoins either on their personal computer or on the exchange they purchased them from. By storing coins locally on the provided TrumpCoin wallet with a secure password, they have the opportunity to earn staking rewards or if they setup a PatriotNode, they can receive node rewards. Join the network today!


Symbol: TRUMP

Algo: Quark Proof of Stake

Global supply: 18 million

Block reward: 70%-PatriotNodes, 30%-Stakers

Block time: 60 seconds

Transaction Fee: .0001 coin/kB

Stake TrumpCoin

Anyone can easily stake TrumpCoins. There is no minimum coin amount required and staking can earn significant returns. Stakers of TrumpCoins can manage their holdings within a TrumpCoin wallet. They are responsible for securing the Patriot network and are vital to its success.

TRUMPs Needed: No Minimum

Block Reward Split: 30%

Stake your TrumpCoins today and support our Patriots!

Patriot Nodes

Patriot Nodes are the computational backbone of the TrumpCoin network. Masternodes moniter and verify the TrumpCoin blockchain providing integrity and security for all users of the service. Owners of PatriotNodes also earn a substantial portion of the block reward.

TRUMPs Required: 5,000

Block Reward Split: 70%

Get your PatriotNode today and become a Patriot!


Coin Storage. The TrumpCoin team provides 3 great professionally coded wallets to store your TrumpCoins locally on your PC. A Windows version, Apple Mac and a Linux Ubuntu version. These applications allow you to secure your coins, send and receive coins, stake them for rewards, and setup and manage your PatriotNodes. These wallets are an integral part of the TrumpCoin peer network. Each wallet contains its own copy of the TrumpCoin blockchain and verifies and secures the transaction chain.

Some important points to remember:

1. Download your TrumpCoin wallet only from the website links. No others are authorized or secure.

2. Always encrypt your wallet as soon as installed with a password (passphrase).Do not use the same password in all of your wallets or other secure items. We recommend using a strong, secure password generator.

3. Never give your password to anyone you don't know or trust. The TrumpCoin team will never ask for your wallet password.

4. If you have coins in your wallet you can earn rewards from staking. Click the unlock option under the Settings Menu and enter your password. Make sure the 'For staking only' box is checked.

5. Do not send or receive any coins from your wallet until it is completely synchronized with the rest of the blockchain. They will not show until the chain is completed. Keep your wallet open and online as much as you can. This allows it to keep current with the blockchain and allows staking.

6. Become familiar with the menu options at the top of the wallet. Backup your wallet file as regularly as possible especially if you are transferring coins in-out regularly. You can manually copy the wallet.dat file from the install folder or use the menu option under File>Backup Wallet. Save the file to a secure location preferably off your computer such as a thumb drive or external source.


TrumpCoins can be purchased at various cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

The TrumpCoin team is continuously working to get us listed on additional exchanges.

Powerful Technology

A secure digital cryptocurrency based upon PivX and Bitcoin blockchain technology.

Patriot Node Masternodes

Worldwide network of TrumpCoin blockchain nodes providing transactional security.

Worldwide Community

Developed and supported by an all-volunteer group of community crypto-technologists.

Patriots United

Patriots supported through donations and recognition for their support and actions.


Financial Support. TrumpCoin depends on financial donations, cryptocurrency donations and support from a variety of sources. As a private entity we depend on grass roots financial support in order to keep our operation successful as well as supporting the Patriots we recognize. There are a multitude of expenses we must cover on a continuous basis.

These include.

1. Financial support for the Patriots we recognize and track. These people and groups have given of themselves in many ways and it's our goal to help them in any way possible. This financial support includes donations of any cryptocurrency as well as TrumpCoins.

2. Operational expenses for website hosting and email services.

3. Listing fees for exchanges that offer TrumpCoins for sale.

4. Costs of block explorers and blockchain monitors.

5. Support fees for various social media managers for chat boards, Facebook, etc.

Please help us in any way possible to keep TrumpCoin successful!

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