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Bernell Tramell

Bernell Trammell was an African-American man, an avid Donald Trump supporter, and a remarkable human being. He lived in Milwaukee, WI where he carried on a simple life, reportedly having no internet, phone, or “a dime to his name.” However, Bernell lived boldly and authentically, and he lived to share his views, in all their eclectic glory.

Bernell Trammell’s latest views got him in deadly trouble though. All his signs in support of Trump that he displayed around his neighborhood, and even an interview where he insisted on his political stance, might have been the reason that a still unknown assailant murdered him in July 2020. The poor man was shot on his own sidewalk, and his life was forever lost.

A federal investigation into this senseless death has been started however, the case is still unresolved. This African-American man, a proud Trump supporter that never hurt anyone, deserves for his death to mean something, deserves closure. Don’t let Bernell Trammell’s death pass by unnoticed. Donate if you can in his name and to his family and make a difference.

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