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David Dorn

David Dorn is one very special name that’s now part of the list of people lost to the violence experienced on the year 2020. He was a proud African-American man born in 1943 who started serving the Metropolitan Police Department of the City of St. Louis in 1969. He retired as Captain in 2007 and has been described as a “true public servant”, a brave and kind man.

The tragic death of retired Captain David Dorn took place on June 2nd of 2020. During the protests of the death of George Floyd in St. Louis, Missouri, a group of people broke into Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry. David Dorn, who happened to be friends with the owner came to the place in response to the burglar alarm but, when he faced the criminals, they shot him and killed him. His lifeless body was found at 2:30am.

A total of six people were charged in his death, in addition to 1st degree murder, burglary, and theft. Captain David Dorn’s family must be acknowledged in their loss and grief, and this is a way to show support. He left behind two beautiful young daughters and a loving wife that spoke about him at the 2020 Republican National Convention, honoring his name. With a donation, you too can honor Captain David Dorn, an American citizen, African-American man, retired Captain of the police force, a life that was lost to senseless violence.

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