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Jessica Doty Whitaker

Jessica Dotty Whitaker will forever be remembered as one more victim of the tense and difficult times caused by the discussion of racism in America in 2020. This young woman's life was tragically brought to a sudden end earlier this year in Indianapolis IN. She was a mother, a friend, and an American citizen. She had a 3-year-old son called Greyson, a loving fiancé Jose Ramirez, and plenty of good friends she’s left behind.

Her unfortunate death was brought on by the confusion and confrontation between two groups that clashed by chance, defending opposite views, Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter. Jessica Dotty Whitaker, who was part of the latter group, walked away from the scene with the others, but they were attacked by surprise and the cost was this young woman's life.

The loss of Jessica Dotty Whitaker is heartbreaking, but the important fact that should be highlighted is that this woman was a mother. She left behind a 3-year-old baby boy named Greyson. Now, the relationship between mother and son has been sadly severed. This young, innocent boy's life was turned upside down, and he deserves all the support that his mother now can't give to him.

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