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Rachel Casey

Rachel Casey is a 29-year-old bodybuilder, a physical therapist and personal trainer.

Originally from Florida, Casey only recently moved to San Jose, where the violence took place.

She was set upon by protesters and trapped in front of the Marriott hotel as she left the rally last week.

She stood her ground and even taunted the crowd with her Trump shirt. Her father told Inside Edition: "She doesn'tintimidate easily."

Somehow, she even managed to smile as she was pelted with raw eggs and a chunk of watermelon. Finally, a hotel security guard took pity on her and opened the door, allowing her to seek sanctuary in the lobby.

For days, her name had remained a mystery but she was finally identified by a Facebook post asking for signatures on an online petition calling on San Jose's Mayor to resign after he accused Trump of inciting the violence.

In a statement, police told Inside Edition: "Ms. Casey has not returned investigators calls and has yet to file a police report. Please have Ms.Casey contact [San Jose police] investigators immediately."